General Info
Goals and Objectives

To train mining engineers;

  • who could have strong social interaction, enough knowledge, skills and competence,
  • who could take active role in the extraction and processing of mining resources, with scientifically and technologically highest international standard methods, within the principle of occupational health and safety regulations, environment consciously and economically to be served in human needs.
  • who could also take active role in mining related other areas such as construction of subways, tunnels and dams. 

Facilities Provided By Mining Engineering

Eskişehir is one of the most popular places of Turkey in terms of mining and has important metallic and industrial reserves of boron salts, chromite, magnesite, gold, marble and meerschaum. On the purpose of supporting mining industry, Mining Engineering Department was established in 1975 in Eskişehir. The department has three divisions, namely, Mining, Mineral Processing and Excavation Machines and Mechanization. The courses have been designed to train mining engineers who operates underground resources consciously and efficiently. Undergraduate courses are given theorically and supplemented with practice. Basic Mineral Engineering courses are given in the first two years of study, and elective courses can be selected and to be professionalized in any of the divisions. The department has high technology mineral processing, rock mechanics, mineralogy, ore bed and semi precious gem stones laboratories. Graduates are employed in either government or private mining and/or mineral processing companies in Turkish Mining Industry.Department has its own Mining Engineering Club, organizing social gatherings, plant trips etc.

Departments of the Mining Engineering 
  1. Mining
  2. Mineral Processing,
  3. Excavation Machines and Mechanization.


The instruction in the department is in Turkish.

Objectives Of The Course

The students have to pass all of the courses in the program and must not have any FF, DZ or YZ grades. In this program, the students should have minimum 240 ECTS and grade points average (gpa) have to be minimum 2 over 4. The students have to complete totally 50 days of internship period, 10 days of topography and 40 days of profession internships.

Taking engineering responsibilities of underground and open-pit mining, ore and coal processing.

 Having a command of mining exploration and mapping, controlled blasting for excavation, opening a tunnel and surveying.

 Performing the decisions intended to define and solve the problems with analytical approach.

 Carrying out the professional planning projects and evaluate economically.

Following technical improvements, making continuous self-improvement and using computer and information technologies.

Having a command of mining law, mining and environment, occupational health and safety, susceptible about society and environment, and having ethics about professions.

Prone to teamwork and having abilities of successful communication in social and professional areas.